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2017 Team Tent locations final

00 Cooper River Regatta Venue – with 3 tent areas shown/

Cooper River Launch Dock Rowing Shell Traffic Flow Diagram
Cooper River Park – Regatta Tent Locations and Proposed Pathway Conceptual Diagram

Cooper River Venue – 1,500 meter regatta course – Launch and Retrieval Docks

Tent Rentals
Regatta Central
(Direct link to Cooper Training Center, then Click on Rentals to see the SRAA Regatta tent rental option)
Or go to Regatta Central
1. Click on Clubs
2. Click on Cooper Training Center
3. Click on Rentals
4. Click on Rent

~All team tent sites must be purchased by Tuesday, May 23rd.

~A map will be created identifying the location of team tents.
~You will receive an email with your team tent location next Wednesday, May 24th, with the exact location.

~If an actual tent, table, or chair is needed to be rented please email regatta.info@camden.rutgers.edu

This year are team tents being located at two locations:
1.Gravel Red Rock finish line area
2.Island behind the Cooper House restaurant

The gravel red rock is packed crushed stone between the finish line and the island (about the last 300 meters of the course). The island begins approximately 500 meters to go located behind the overflow boat storage lot. The entrance to the island is behind the Cooper House restaurant so enter their parking lot and travel down to the black pavement entrance. Please put hazards on and DRIVE SLOW as people walk on the path and boats could be moving around.
Team tents are permitted to be set up after 12 Noon on Thursday.

All team tents will be assigned a tent location with a number which will be sent prior to arrival on Thursday.
• No team tents are permitted to be set up near boat trailers due to limited space.
• Any team setting up in the wrong assigned location will be asked to relocate to the proper space.
• All teams must have a reserved tent site processed thru Regatta Central in order to set up a tent. Any team that does not have this space will be asked to take down the tent.

Island tents will be numbered I-and number, example I-25, 1-35. The island has two rows, row one is along the water and goes 1 – 48. The second row goes 1 to 2, then 4 to 21. Space 3 is left empty due to vehicle path. Please be sure to set up tents with in the marked areas and do not have anything in the emergency drive pathways which are used for maintenance and emergency vehicles. The tent spaces are numbered from 1 to 48 looking at the race course moving right to left.

Gravel red rock near the finish line – there are three rows: 1, 2 and 3. The rows are numbered from LEFT to RIGHT facing the water. Row 1 goes 1 to 35, row 2 goes 1 to 40 and row 3 goes 1 to 40.

The vendor’s village is located just below the finish line. Facing the water their tents will be set up to the left of the finish line trailer.

A lot of time and effort was put into creating an atmosphere for all team tents to enjoy each other’s company and the races on the water. Please respect these efforts so that everyone enjoys this year’s regatta.

Chuck wagons will have a few locations to park depending on their tent assignment.
Island tents can park their trailer on the island (if space allows) out of the way. When crossing the bridge to the island the trailers can be parked to the left behind the black walking path (between the walking path and the water). Please work together to get as many chuck wagons in this space.

Gravel field tents we have marked off a section for parking along the road on the same surface. It is marked clearly with a pathway left for County vehicles so please do not block this area. Park tight next to each other with the hitch facing the road on front row and next row facing the opposite direction. It is on an incline so please be sure to put stops behind your tires.

  • No grills or open flames are allowed under the tents (Camden County Fire Marshall Regulation). Grills may be used outside of the tent.
  • Gazebo area is for use of SRAA only.


  • Vehicles are not permitted on any grass area within the park.
  • There will be no charge for parking. Free parking will be available along North Park Drive and parking lots within the parks boundaries.
  • Any person or organization charging for parking is not authorized by the Local Organizing Committee or SRAA.
  • Parking for team food trailers will be permitted in a designated area only.

Boat Trailer & Bus Parking

If you are bringing a boat trailer please fill out the information on the link below.
2017 Boat Trailer Information

    • The trailer lot will open at 7:00 AM on Thursday May 25th.
    • Please do not park your trailer unless directed by a Cooper River staff member. There are two locations for trailers this year, one location is at Cuthbert and North Park Drive. The second location is behind the Cooper House.
    • Trailers entering the Cooper House grass field must come from the west (from the start side of the river) enter the driveway to the Cooper house but stay straight on the bike path to gain access to the grass. From there trailers will be directed where to go in an orderly fashion.
    • Trailer lot will be open at 7 AM on Thursday morning. Any arrival before that time must be cleared with Jamie Stack stacksrows@comcast.net

Location: Next to the Cooper House about 1/2 mile east of the boathouse.
At the intersection of North Park Drive and Cuthbert Blvd, Cherry Hill, NJ. This is 1 mile east of the boathouse.

  • The staging area will be barricaded until it officially opens on Thursday. The barricades are not be moved. The LOC is controlling all access to ensure that all of the trailers will fit. If anyone is coming in early, Tuesday or Wednesday, you will need to contact Jamie Stack directly at 856-661-3188 to arrange access.
  • Programs are encouraged to share trailer space and arrive together.
  • Parking passes will be given out as the trailer arrives.
  • The driver will need to give contact name and cell phone number.
  • The cell phone number also needs to be put on the parking pass as it will be called as a warning if not moved in time.
  • The barricades are lifted within 30 to 45 minutes of the conclusion of racing and vehicles are subject to towing after the barricades are moved.
  • Only tow vehicles of boat trailers are given passes, no food trailers.
  • Tow vehicles must be immediately removed from the trailer area once unhooked to make room for other trailers entering.
  • All tow vehicles on Friday and Saturday must park diagonally in the designated area of the road on north Park Drive and will only be permitted to enter the blockade from the west side (not the Cuthbert Blvd) side.
  • The area marked along North Park Drive with no parking signs is a DROP ZONE only.  Buses will be parked off site.  No vehicles are permitted to park there at any time.

GPS Address: 7050 North Park Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08109 will bring you to the boathouse which is approxiamately 250 meters from the starting line.

Camden Boathouse Directions

Cooper River Race Course

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