Ltwt Rules

For questions regarding lightweight rowing at the SRAA® Regatta please contact Kathleen at

SRAA® Lightweight Rules

  • All lightweight rowers including potential substitutes must have submitted via the SRAA® website a verified health certificate dated between August 1st and April 1st of the academic regatta year.
  • Certification must be completed and submitted by a licensed athletic trainer.
  • No Registrations for lightweight events will be accepted and no teams permitted to row as a lightweight if the health certificate was not received by April 1st

SRAA ® Weight Standard

  • Men’s Weights: 150 lbs. (no averaging)
  • Women’s Weights: 130 lbs. (no averaging)

Weigh-in Procedures

  • Rowers must bring a picture ID.
  • Rowers will weigh-in once for the entire regatta.
  • There will be two weigh in sessions: 1. Thursday, May 25th from 3:00pm-8:00pm 2.Friday, May 26th from 6:00am-10:00am. All lightweights crews must come to ONE of the lightweight sessions.
  • All weigh-in procedures must be completed one (1) hour prior to the published race time AND by the close of the weigh in session.
  • Each Rower shall have only one (1) initial Opportunity to weigh-in. A Rower within one (1.0) pound or less of the weight standard is allowed one (1) re-weigh within one (1) hour of the initial weigh-in or by the close of their weigh-in session whichever comes FIRST. A Rower whose initial weight is greater than one (1.0) pound above the weight standard will be ineligible to compete in the lightweight event. A Rower whose re-weigh is above the weight standard will be ineligible to compete in the lightweight event.
  • Rowers scheduled in the earlier races will be given priority.
  • All rowers and coxswains must be present by boat, dressed in their team uniform (uni) for weigh-ins.
  • Coxswains do not weigh in.
  • All substitutes will weigh in with their boat mates dressed in their team uniform (uni).
  • Rowers making weight must attach the lightweight wristband to their “outside” hand or ankle if desired for scullers before leaving the weigh-in area.
  • Wristbands are to remain in place until the conclusion of rowing in the regatta.
  • Problems with wristbands must be brought to the attention of the referee in charge of weigh-ins.
  • Food is not permitted in the weigh-in area.
  • Taking photographs in the weigh-in area is prohibited.

SRAA® Weigh-in Area

  • One (1) Practice/Test Scale.
  • Two (2) Official Scales.
  • Test weight