2017 Hotel Bookings

The 2017 SRAA Regatta has partnered with EMCVenues to secure hotel accommodations available for all of our teams through the link below:

Questions, call EMCVenues Hotel Experts at 800-899-5219

2017 SRAA Regatta

The 2017 SRAA Regatta will be held on May 26th and 27th on the Cooper River in Camden, NJ.

Regatta Results

2016 SRAA Regatta Results

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

2016 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 SRAA Scholarship Winners!

1. Julianna Hunt – Mount St. Joseph’s- $4,000
2. Frances Kane – Ocean City- $1,000

1. Marquise Dogan- Boy’s Latin School of Philadelphia- $4,000
2. Nicholas Hartnett- St. Augustine Prep- $1,000



Boat Map

Team Boat Map

5/26/16 Updated Friday Heat Sheet & Friday and Saturday Schedule

Updated Friday Heat Sheet
Friday and Saturday Schedule

Friday Heat Sheet-Updated

This link was update 5/25/16
Friday Heat Sheets

NEW Tent Assignments-5/26/16

New Tent assignments