2014 Scholarship Recipeints

Congratulations to scholarship winners James Konopka from Episcopal Academy and Monica Gomez from Winter Park High School.

2014 Results Available

Results are being made available on the SRAA.net website.

You can use the following links, or click on the results link on the website:

All Results
Results Summary

2014 Friday Heat Sheet

Heat sheet for Friday

Graphic Map

Here is a graphic map that may be more clear.

Parking Fee Friday and Saturday

There will be a $10 fee to park at the venue on Friday and Saturday.

***Change in Team Tent Set UP Times***

From our hosts at the PRNA: No one will be able to enter the team food trailer parking area until noon on Thursday. Thank you for your understanding. The team tent areas will be assigned and tagged. Please do not remove or change any tagged spots, this will be seen as unsportsmanlike conduct and dealt with appropriately.

Please do not drive your vehicle past the black fencing. The park closes at sunset.

Practice and Race Day Traffic Patterns

Map of the traffic pattern for practice at Mercer County can be found here. Please make sure coxswains and rowers are aware that lane 4 is a dead lane and this is a 7 lane fully buoyed course. From the marina use lanes 5,6, and 7 to head to the start. Use lanes 1,2, and 3 to go from the start to the finish.

Race day traffic pattern map can be found below.
Race Day Traffic Pattern Map

Mercer County Venue Map

Here is a map of the venue.

DICK’s Sporting Goods Foundation- Sports Matter Fundraiser

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District Rows (CMSD Rows) and Cleveland Youth Rowing Association have a special opportunity to receive matching funds from the DICK’s Sporting Goods Foundation. The fundraising concludes in just 10 days on May 23rd.

The catch…if they don’t meet their fundraising goal…they don’t get the matching funds.

Receiving the matching funds, an additional $38,166, will make a huge impact for the program which opens the sport of rowing to the under-served community.

If you are so inclined, donations may be made at, CMSD Rows Sports Matter.

2014 Regatta Site

The Princeton National Rowing Association is hosting the 2014 Regatta at Mercer Lake in West Windsor, NJ.

Trailers can arrive at the park beginning at 12:00pm on May 22nd.

The course will be open for practice on Thursday, May 22nd, from 2pm-7pm.

Additional information regarding team tents and vendors can be found on the 2014 Site Info tab.