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Video Volunteers

Volunteer Video Camera operators needed. This will be done from land. If interested contact Dennis, dpsmith773@gmail.com

Team Tent Site Locations

2017 Team Tent locations

Spectator Parking

Spectators can park in a LEGAL parking spot curb side up and down North Park Drive.

Do not remove a No Parking side to create a parking spot, you will be ticketed!

The Cooper House Restaurant is not open to regatta parking as its reserved for this business. Please

observe the Park Ambassadors requests to not park in this lot.

The parking lot at the 1000-meter lot is available for parking. In addition, the entrance thru this lot

down to the field inside the track is open for parking. Please follow the attendees and park in an

organized fashion so that no one is blocked in during the event.

Section of North Park Drive Closed

North Park Drive will be blocked from Cuthbert Blvd to Donahue Avenue beginning 5 AM on Friday thru 6 PM and the same times on Saturday. Tow vehicles will be permitted to park in this area (with a hang tag) on a diagonal nose in to the curb. Please use both sides of the road. The barricades will be lifted 30 minutes after the last race and all vehicles must be moved in time if not they will be towed.

Boat Trailer

Boat Trailer

Please do not park your trailer unless directed by a Cooper River staff member. There are two locations for trailers this year, one location is at Cuthbert and North Park Drive. The second location is behind the Cooper House.

Trailers entering the Cooper House grass field must come from the west (from the start side of the river) enter the driveway to the Cooper house but stay straight on the bike path to gain access to the grass. From there trailers will be directed where to go in an orderly fashion.

Trailer lot will be open at 7 AM on Thursday morning. Any arrival before that time must be cleared with Jamie Stack stacksrows@comcast.net


Weigh-in Location & Change in window.

Due to the impending weather conditions on Thursday May 25, 2017. We are moving the weigh-in location indoors to the second floor of the Camden County Boat House Board Room. The weigh-in window will also be changed from 3pm to 7pm which is an hour shorter than previously posted.

Weigh-ins on Friday will be at the boat launching area at the corner of Cuthbert Blvd and North Park Drive, from 6am to 10am.

All lightweights crews must come to ONE of the lightweight sessions.
lightweight athletes need to bring their ID

DRAFT Schedule


Interested in Volunteering?

If you would like to volunteer at the 2017 SRAA Regatta, the Cooper River Training Center is looking for stake boat holders, launch drivers, and parking attendants.

Sign Up Here.